Visions and Dreams review, Times of Acadania

By Arsenio Orteza, Times of Acadania newspaper (Louisiana, USA)

Catherine Duc: Visions and Dreams ( - There's New Age music you notice and New Age music you don't, and what places this album among the former is the verve that Catherine Duc brings to a genre that's now over a quarter century old and whose major stars, if the truth be told, were seldom very inventive or spirited to begin with.

Not that Duc's trappings aren't generic - with cover art depicting a sunset over a lake and titles like "Essence of Dreams," "Dancing in the Mist," "Midsummer Twilight," "Heart of Andalucia," and "Incense," the disc could easily pass for one of those ambient titles sold near the scented-candle aisle at Target. The actual music, however, has too much in the way of melodic and instrumental variety to vanish into the background.

Think of it instead as the instrumental album Alan Parsons would've made by now if he hadn't been afraid to distract attention from his vocal songs, without which he never would've gotten onto the radio. And don't be surprised if George Noory starts using these songs as bumpers. Rating: Three-and-a-half coast-to-coast AM's out of five.


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