You are invited to enter the world where elements of Ambient, Celtic, Electronica and World music combine to take you on an ethereal journey.


  • Dec 23: Drive (Rush Hour remix) received a finalist award in the Australian Songwriting Contest (Contemporary Pop Dance category)

  • Jul 22: New review of Drive (remix for Paloma Rush) by Mark Weber

  • Apr 14: New remix of Paloma Rush's song Drive. Download available on iTunes and Amazon and streaming on Spotify

    "Catherine's remix is very EDM and full of energy. It is still big city, like our track, but more danceable." - Lars Deutsch (2 time Emmy Award winner and co-writer/producer of the original Drive song).
    Full interview at Music Gateway

    Press release at Music Industry News Network

  • VOYAGER now available online at iTunes, Amazon

    Distributor: The Orchard (Sony Music Entertainment)
    Mastering engineer: Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering (Hollywood). Patricia has mastered soundtracks for top film composers such as John Williams, Hans Zimmer and James Horner.


Digital Singles & Non-Album Songs

Paloma Rush - Drive (Catherine Duc Rush Hour Remix EDM Sample | Buy at iTunes
The Corrs - Intimacy (Catherine Duc Infinite Remix) Chillout/Downtempo Buy at iTunes
Free (Chiquor feat. Catherine Duc) Chillout/Smooth Jazz Special promo full song
Metamorphosis Film Score Special promo full song
Single Glance (instrumental version) Pop Rock Special promo full song
Single Glance (vocal version) Pop Rock Sample | Buy at Amazon
The Bells of Birrarung Contemporary Classical Special promo full song
Voices of The Deep Ambient Pop Special promo full song

VOYAGER album (GRAMMY nominated)

Song Genre Listen to samples at iTunes | Amazon
Owen's Boat Celtic Electronica Sample (right click to save MP3s below)
Inishowen Dawn Celtic Downtempo Sample
Vardo Worldbeat Sample
Mantra (feat. Natalia Christiana) Worldbeat Sample
Once Medieval Electronica Sample
Antilles Chillout Sample
Lhasa Lullaby Worldbeat Sample
Black Is The Color (trad. Irish, also covered by The Corrs) Celtic Ballad Sample
The Seventh Chamber Orchestral/Film Score Sample
Seallaibh Curraigh Eoghainn (trad. Irish) Celtic Traditional Sample
Essence of Dreams (Essential Dance Remix) Worldbeat/Trance Sample


Visions and Dreams album

Song Genre Listen to samples at iTunes | Amazon
Visions and Dreams Sampler Ambient/World Sampler of all songs (right click to save MP3)
Essence of Dreams Ambient Groove Special promo full song (right click to save)
Dancing in The Mist Celtic Electronica Sample
Evocation Ambient Groove Sample
One Autumn Day Celtic Pop Special promo full song (right click to save)
Secret Sanctuary Worldbeat Sample
Heart of Andalucia Classical Electronica Sample
Midsummer Twilight Chillout Sample
Incense Ambient Groove Sample
Rivulet Worldbeat Sample
In The Light of Day Celtic Orchestral Sample


VOYAGER album (GRAMMY nominated)


Visions and Dreams album

"Haunting and uplifting at the same time."
- Tim Ritchie, ABC Radio

"An amazing amalgam of Ambient, Celtic and World themes."
- R.J. Lannan, New Age Reporter

"Very nice indeed."
- Vic Sagerquist, Paramount Pictures

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