Name: Dennis Scott, Grammy & Emmy Award winning songwriter - Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood (USA) [81]
Comments: I am enjoying Voyager very much! Lovely sonics and quite magical.
Name: Paul Avgerinos, Grammy nominated composer (USA) [80]
Comments: Your music and production is captivating. The instrumentation is tastefully done and the arrangements held my interest. I am a Voyager fan.
Name: Aeode, singer/songwriter (USA) [79]
Comments: Owen's Boat has lovely melody, instrumentation and feel. Vardo is beautiful - strings are poignant. Black Is The Colour - enjoyed the vocal here and the supporting instrumentation.
Name: Steve Pavlina, Personal Development Coach (USA) [78]
Comments: You're very talented!
Name: Sergei Romaniuk (Russia) [77]
Comments: Your music is great and beautiful!
Name: Richard Mitchell (USA) [76]
Comments: I love your song One Autumn Day, it's full of life. Thanks for making that beautiful song.
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Comments: I love the new music.
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Comments: I am really liking your sound. Your music just wraps you up and brings you into the warm world you write in. Meaning.. I love it!
Name: Joaquin Taboada (Spain) [72]
Comments: Thank you for your wonderful songs.
Name: Silvio Guerini (Brazil) [71]
Comments: Amazing textures... full of rhythm... I loved it! I really love that kind of music... moves me deep inside my soul. Congratulations for this great album!
Name: Ross Aubrey (Australia) [70]
Comments: I very much appreciate the recordings I've so far heard from your Visions and Dreams compact disc.
Name: John Marshall Carter (USA) [70]
Comments: Your music sounds better than ever.
Name: Soren Hybel (Denmark) [69]
Comments: Your CD is very well produced. It is clear to hear that you have a musical background.
Name: Drako [68]
Comments: I like your music!
Name: Manuel (Germany) [67]
Comments: I like what I hear.
Name: Albert Gourrier (USA) [66]
Comments: I thoroughly enjoy it (Essence of Dreams).
Name: Christina G. (USA) [65]
Comments: Wow, that Essence of Dreams is beautiful! You've got a new fan!
Name: Steven Hewitt (USA) [64]
Comments: You have a very nice site.
Name: Frank (UK) [63]
Comments: Awesome (Essence of Dreams).
Name: Clarence (USA) [62]
Comments: I LOVE the track (Essence of Dreams)! Thanks for the cool music.
Name: George Spelvin (Canada) [61]
Comments: One Autumn Day is one terrific piece of music!
Name: Motai [60]
Comments: Absolutely amazing (Essence of Dreams). It is difficult to exactly describe the perfect synthesis of harmony and style within this song. From the driving flute melody to the low synthesized bassy chord lines, this song brings out the best aspects of live instruments blended in with electronic styles. This song evokes powerful imagery of someplace far away, where one can relax and be completely immersed in the music. The professionalism of this song is evident, the entire song is crisp and clear. A must have.
Name: Keenan Powell (USA) [59]
Comments: Essence of Dreams is a wonderful track.
Name: Melissa Latessa (USA) [58]
Comments: Very good.
Name: Tom Callahan (USA) [57]
Comments: Nice ethereal quality (Essence of Dreams).
Name: Robert Tacker (USA) [56]
Comments: Very nice (Essence of Dreams).
Name: Rev (USA) [55]
Comments: I listened to Essence Of Dreams and I loved it!
Name: Brian Harris (USA) [54]
Comments: It's very professional, and does a good job combining global elements with a soothing ambient beat.
Name: KB (USA) [53]
Comments: Nice! (Essence of Dreams)
Name: Paul De Micheli (Spain) [52]
Comments: I just listened to Essence of Dreams and liked it a lot.
Name: Vinay Sharma (USA) [51]
Comments: I visited your site, and love the music.
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Comments: Very nice song! (Essence of Dreams).
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Comments: Just downloaded your song (Essence of Dreams). It really touched me.
Name: George Spelvin (Canada) [48]
Comments: This is a VERY nice song (Essence of Dreams). I checked out the other sound clips as well, and I enjoyed them all very much. The things that I heard with all of those different instruments working together were a joy to listen to.
Name: Brian Aldrich (USA) [47]
Comments: If you enjoy good instrumentals to take your mind away from troubles.... pick up this CD of tranceable odes and relax your body, but let your mind work with the compositions. I was very impressed with the album and will look forward for more good things from Catherine Duc.
Name: Christian Saborio (USA) [46]
Comments: I am listening to Essense of Dreams and I think it is beautiful. Very well crafted!
Name: Linda Dessau (Canada) [45]
Comments: This style of music is so important - we all need more time to relax and reflect and your music is really conducive for that.
Name: Gregg (USA) [44]
Comments: I think that the song is of very high quality (Essence of Dreams).
Name: Bob Wright (USA) [43]
Comments: Very nice music.
Name: Kevin Scott (USA) [42]
Comments: Essence Of Dreams is a excellent song and I enjoy listening to it.
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Comments: I really like the track (Essence of Dreams).
Name: Jason Sullivan (USA) [38]
Comments: This is really good stuff!
Name: Chrysanfori [37]
Comments: I very much enjoyed your samples. It's very easy to lose yourself in the music, as it quickly becomes thoughtful and alluring.
Name: Brian Aldrich (USA) [36]
Comments: I thought it was really wonderful and special with its mixtures of world and electronica!
Name: Compo10 Contest reviewer [35]
Comments: Exotic presence. Tantalizing yet relaxing. Thoroughly enjoyed the ambience that was created here (Essence of Dreams).
Name: Valkir Skye (USA) [34]
Comments: Your music is superb! You blew my head off with your quality and majestic atmospheres. Your composition skills are really refined and very natural sounding, I love the moods you create. I am dying to hear more!
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Comments: I love your music.
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Name: Dave Bethke (USA) [10]
Comments: Beautiful.
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Comments: Thanks for this wonderful music!
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Comments: Essence of Dreams sounds fantastic. I'm very impressed with your work!
Name: Drycos [4]
Comments: Very nice... sit back and let the music take you away.
Name: David Graf (Australia) [3]
Comments: An evocative mix of Celtic and Eastern flavours. It would be highly regarded for and suited to reflective listening.
Name: Andy Schmidt (USA) [2]
Comments: This track (Essence of Dreams) covers something of a wider range of influences, largely Asian/Eastern. But there is, as well, a richness to the number that transcends any ethnic tradition. The combination makes for an effective and powerful number evoking emotion and reaction - which is what art is all about.
Name: Thomas Lau (Germany) [1]
Comments: This is a real good song (Essence of Dreams). Sound and mix are very aerodynamic.


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